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Daska is  Tehsil  of Sialkot District in Punjab Pakistan . It is located at 32°19’60N 74° 20′ 60E.
Dask Postal code format consists of 5 digit . First 2 digit 51 for routing Sialkot district and 010 Code for Daska Post office  .

Daska Postal code use for post office delivery . for more information about Daska Postal code Below 

DASKA – Sialkot  POSTAL / ZIP Code Information
Postcode Type  Dilvery Post office
Postal Code 51010
Area Name Daska 
Post Office Name  Sialkot General Post Office
Post office Address Paris Rd, Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan
City Sialkot
City Code  STK
Latitude  32.49247689999999
Longitude  74.53104029999997
Province Punjab


Postal address Format for Daska  Postal address Example 
NAME / Company Name
House Number
Steet name / Number
Area Name
City Name  – Postal code
Mr. Abdul wahab
Amina Abaad ROD
Neka Pura 
Sialkot - 51310

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  :  DASKA Postal Map