Sialkot Postal / Zip Code information 

Postal Code 51310
Area Name Sialkot City
GPO Branch Name Sialkot GPO
Post office Address  Paris Rd, Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan
City Name Sialkot
State Name Punjab
Country Name Pakistan

Sialkot Postal code format
Sialkot Have five number postal code 51310 ,

  • 51 is Sialkot distrc code
  • 310 Postoffice code .
 Sialkot Postal address format Sialkot Postal address Example 

NAME / Company Name
House Number
Steet name / Number
Area Name
City Name  – Postal code

Mr. Abdul wahab
Amina Abaad ROD
Neka Pura 
Sialkot - 51310


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